Disorders of the brain and nervous system like Neurofibromatosis

The human brain is considered to be the most important organ in a human body. It is responsible for the action of all involuntary muscles. Disorders of the brain and nervous system results always negative. Brain is responsible for our day to day action. From movement of hands to legs or eating and getting the desired taste is all done by the response of the brain?

Paralysis is a common disease and is a common answer to the disorder. What happens there is the nerves which are on the brains side could not perform. The signals cannot reach the brain or the brain signal which gets reverted is not returned to the organ. The cause normally is because of a stroke. The person actually in this case losses the sense of his organs. He knows it is his hand or his leg, but does not get the feeling. He is unable to move it of his own. If there is a cut, he even does not feel the pain. This is an example of disorders of the brain and nervous system.
you may find diseases like Spinal Bifida, Neurofibromatosis etc. All of these are the nerve diseases. The nerve gets affected and stops functioning. The cause is mainly use of drugs or incarnates which actually resists it to perform the normal action. The resistance overcomes the normal course of action. Myelin disorders are other disorders of the brain and nervous system. Normally disorders can be cured if detected at an early stage and the person needs to maintain all the medical restrictions. Modern scientific treatment gives you the guarantee to make you free from all such disorders.

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