Hyperbaric Treatment For Fibromyalgia

hyperbaric treatment for fibromyalgia
For decades now, there have been rumors of celebrities sleeping in a hyperbaric chambers for health benefits. According to some people, this treatment can help you look younger, reduce wrinkles and improve your health. Others even claimed that this treatment can help in dealing with brain trauma associated with certain sports.

New research showed that hyperbaric treatment may also be suitable for fibromyalgia. Read on to find out what is hyperbaric treatment and how does it help fibromyalgia.

What is Hyperbaric Treatment?

Hyperbaric treatment, also known as hyperbaric oxygen therapy/treatment, is a treatment which requires the patient to be in a hyperbaric chamber. The hyperbaric chamber is sealed and pressurized to increase air pressure up to three folds of normal air pressure. As a result, your lungs will be able to take in more oxygen. Consequently, as oxygen in your blood increases, more oxygen enters into your body tissues. The increase of oxygen in body tissues can help to encourage the production of growth factors and stem cells which facilitate healing, and are considered leading edge technology in treating sports injuries.

What is Hyperbaric Treatment Used For?

Hyperbaric oxygen treatment is more commonly known for treating decompression sickness in scuba divers who surface too fast. However, the use of hyperbaric oxygen treatment goes beyond that.

Hyperbaric treatment is effective when it comes to treating all sorts of skin surface conditions such as infections, diabetic ulcers, tissue death, spider bites, burns etc. It can also help in recovery after a skin grafting procedure. It is also effective in respiratory conditions such as gas poisoning and bubbles in blood vessels.

In recent year, hyperbaric treatment is used as alternative therapy for various conditions and disorders ranging from infertility to Alzheimers disease.

How Does Hyperbaric Treatment Help Fibromyalgia?

A study done at the University of Tel Aviv showed some evidences that hyperbaric treatment helped to substantially improve the symptoms of fibromyalgia. It has potential to induce neuroplasticity, while significantly correct the abnormal brain activity in affected pain areas of fibromyalgia patients. In other words, hyperbaric treatment can help to correct the abnormal brain functioning affecting nerve activities which possibly triggers fibromyalgia.

he subjects of the study were evaluated on various criteria such as pain tolerance, tender points count, as well as several areas affecting quality of life. Researchers observed significant improvements across all areas in participants who went through hyperbaric treatment. Up to date, this is the only study done on the use of hyperbaric treatment for fibromyalgia. Thus, further research is warranted in order to turn this treatment into an acceptable medical treatment for fibromyalgia. Unfortunately, only then, will it be covered by insurance.

However, there are various non-medical facilities where you can simply pay for a session of hyperbaric treatment. You do not need any medical referral to experience this. A simple search online will enable you to locate the hyperbaric treatment facilities near you.

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