What Causes Fibromyalgia Tactile Allodynia

fibromyalgia tactile allodynia
Tactile allodynia is one of the debilitating fibromyalgia symptoms that do not make sense. It is severely painful and even a gentle touch can create a lot of pain. Fibromyalgia tactile allodynia is often similar to having a sun burned skin.

What is Tactile Allodynia?

Base on the meaning of the individual terms:

  • “Tactile” is defined as pertaining to touch.
  • “Allodynia” is defined as pain due to non-injurious stimuli. This means that the body perceives pain when there is no harm or damage to the affected area.

Hence, tactile allodynia is a feeling of pain due to non-harmful touch sensations.

How Does Fibromyalgia Tactile Allodynia Feels Like

The pain in fibromyalgia tactile allodynia ranges from severe to mild. It can affect the entire body or only in certain areas. The pain can be constant, but sometimes, it comes and goes along with fibromyalgia flares. There are also certain things that can trigger the condition, such as stepping on a sharp object or scratching an itch.

dditionally, the clothes you wear often trigger fibromyalgia tactile allodynia. The common areas include:

  • burning pains along the waistbands, even if it is not tight
  • tight socks
  • bra straps
  • shirt tags and labels

What Causes Fibromyalgia Tactile Allodynia Pain?

The pain is often a result of malfunctioning of specialized nerves known as nociceptors. Their main task is to sense information of the things going on around you, such as temperature, to prevent harm to your skin.

For instance, your hand would flinch immediately away from a hot burner even before you realize that you will burn yourself. This is a result of the nociceptors. They function on their own without the need to send signals to the brain to receive a response.

In fibromyalgia, nociceptors begin perceiving all types of painful sensations when there is none. Experts believe that this is one of the consequence of central sensitization associated with fibromyalgia. This includes chronic fatigue syndrome and several other conditions.

How To Treat Fibromyalgia Tactile Allodynia

Any medication that can help minimize the symptoms of fibromyalgia can help to alleviate tactile allodynia. If the condition has become a major symptom, consider getting a treatment that can work well against this kind of pain. These include:

  • Seizure drugs
  • Topical Lidocaine
  • Tricyclic antidepressants

Other Forms of Fibromyalgia Pain

Allodynia also manifest in other forms such mechanical allodynia and thermal allodynia. Mechanical allodynia happens when there is movement across the skin, due to air or clothing. On the other hand, thermal allodynia involves temperature in the form of heat, cold or both.

Other than allodynia, fibromyalgia patients also suffer from other pain types such as Hyperalgesia and Paresthesia. Additionally, some patients may complain of other kinds of pain which are not medically classified.




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