What’s the deal with fibromyalgia and itching? What causes it?

Are you losing your mind from scratching an itch that just won’t go away? It could be your scalp, the back of your neck or behind your ears, legs or feet, and even a finger. And let’s not forget the unmentionables as well! It’s that itch or feeling of bugs crawling on you, sometimes tingling, and often leading to pain. It is one of the stranger symptoms of fibromyalgia. So strange, in fact, that some patients complain that their fibro doctors had never heard of it. Yet, forums are filled with the same message: “Thanks so much for posting this! I thought I was losing my mind. I wake up in the middle of the night scratching and when I get out of bed, there are dried blood spots all over my sheets.” Some fibro patients post what their doctor (including rheumatologists) offer as explanations. And do you know what’s funny? All of the answers are different.

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