7 bad habits that can affect your sleep

Do you suffer from insomnia on a regular or occasional basis? Let me bring to your attention 7 major mistakes that you may make that may, unfortunately, hurt your precious sleep. I hope you will not fall asleep during your reading! lol 

st error: go to bed earlier than usual

Some insomniacs go to bed earlier than usual in the hope of getting enough sleep. Do not do that! As you go to bed earlier, you may have more time to think, to ruminate, to bother you. It is best to go to bed at the same time as usual, provided you are sleepy!    

E error: work … in bed

Your conscientious and ambitious side pushes you to work on your laptop … even in your bed? Should I congratulate you? No, if I think of your sleep. Please do not make the mistake of creating an association between work and your bed. Experts such as researcher Charles Morin, Ph.D., are clear on the subject: the bed should be reserved for sleep and … for sexual activities 😊. And that’s all. In short, before sleeping, it is not the time to activate its neurons by brain work.

E error: activate before bed

What do you do physically in the hour before bedtime? Household? Jogging? Meals? An hour before bed, it’s not a good time to get active. It’s time to reduce the pace, decompress and relax. Treat yourself to a sweet transition between wakefulness and sleep.

4th mistake: sleeping in a dark room

The blinds or curtains in your bedroom must completely block the light, otherwise it may affect your sleep by disrupting the secretion of melatonin (“sleep hormone”) by your brain. If necessary, use an eye mask. For example, one of my clients was able to wake up earlier than usual and improve sleep with this simple trick.

th error: drinking evening alcohol

Alcohol can help you fall asleep. Owl! However, there is a price to pay: you risk having a sleep of less good quality. So near bedtime, alcohol is to be avoided. Rest assured: a cup of red or white wine taken during the evening meal should not hurt you.

th error: make dinner … too late 

The work of digestion produces heat, especially if you take a large meal. But this increase in internal heat, resulting from digestion, does not promote a good sleep. The psychiatrist Stéphane Clerget, author of Well on his plate, well in his head , recommends taking the evening meal 3-4 hours before bedtime. This leaves enough time to digest without causing an unnerving sense of hunger.

th error: drinking coffee late in the day …

Everyone has already felt the stimulating effect of coffee. If you’re having trouble falling asleep, stop drinking coffee, even tea, in the middle of the afternoon. Why? Several hours are needed for the body to completely eliminate caffeine. Also, some people are more sensitive than others to caffeine. Your turn to judge.

In conclusion

You now know 7 habits or behaviors that could affect the quality of your sleep: 1) go to bed earlier than usual; 2) work in bed; 3) activate before going to bed; 4) to sleep in an insufficiently dark room; 5) drink alcohol in the evening; 6) eat too late; 7) drink coffee at the end of the day. Now that you are well informed, it is up to you to make the necessary changes to improve your sleep and, by the same token, your quality of life. With that, have sweet dreams.😉


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