Is It Okay To Use Opioid Painkillers For Fibromyalgia

opioid painkillers for fibromyalgia
People with fibromyalgia often turn to painkillers for temporary treatment. A lot of times, heavy doses of painkillers may seem to be the only thing that can effectively relieve you of pain. But is the use of opioid painkillers for fibromyalgia safe? If not, are there other alternatives? Read on to find out.

How Do Opioid Painkillers For fibromyalgia Work?

Opioid is a type of drug that is derived from opium, thus, the name. As you probably already know, opium is a powerful and addictive substance. The substance is so powerful to the point that it suppresses the activity of one’s central nervous system.

Your nervous system consists of the networks of nerves that send signals to each other at a high speed. The drug works by getting in between these connections and attaching itself into the nerve cells, which is called the opioid receptors. This is what prevents your nerves from receiving pain signals, and thus making opioid an effective painkiller.

Opioids also target some other areas of your brain, like the brainstem, which is what regulates your heart and lungs. This is what makes them dangerous.

Problem With Opioid Painkillers

The fact that opioid painkillers can suppress certain parts of your brain, responsible for keeping your heart beating and your lungs breathing, means that too much of it can lead to fatal overdose. The line between the therapeutic dose and fatal dose is so fine that overdoses tend to happen very often.

As a matter of fact, opioid painkillers are among the number one causes of fatal drug overdose. There has been no other drug that can cause as much death as this.

Fatal Drug Overdose

The number of people getting overdosed with opioids is increasing every single day. The death toll is expected to continue to increase. The major problem is that not only are the drugs deadly, they can also lead to serious psychological and physical dependence.

The euphoria that is produced by opiates as well as the painful withdrawal symptom have made it even more difficult for some fibromyalgia sufferers to stop taking them. If patients can no longer get them from their doctor, they may turn to the street alternatives, like heroin. This, as a result, has made the problem much worse.


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